Honestly Dishonest Review – The Clothesline

Matt Tarrant is honest about his profession when it comes to the dishonesty – which is the core of magic! However, Matt does state at the beginning that “Magic sucks!” Magic sucks because of technology e.g. the iPhone and what we as a crowd expect from a magic show and then we Google how the magician did it. With this in mind, Matt performed a range of tricks starting with ‘close-up magic’ and going to his passion/forte, which is being a ‘Mentalist’ – which is apparently one of the hardest forms of magic.

Matt takes you through his magical journey, including stories of the grumpy, one armed René Lavand who not only specialised in close-up magic and some good old fashioned card tricks, but that it was he who inspired him to become a magician, Matt dedicated his first card trick to René. Matt tells us that when he was seven years old, he was asked on stage by a magician and from that point on he wanted to be a magician.

In his final trick, he asked for a child to come on stage, to give them the same opportunity he had. Not only did Matt get a child on stage, but he found that child after the show, ran over to him, thanked him and shook his hand. He was also given a t-shirt to remember the experience.

Matt’s performance was extremely entertaining, funny, inclusive, interactive and mind-blowing! Your mind will go into overdrive trying to figure out exactly how he was able to perform such magical feats. Matt claims he is not psychic, there are no strings, his magic is not set up, there is nobody in the audience prompting him which leaves no choice but he has magical powers! Being a ‘Mentalist’ makes figuring out that ‘how’ question unanswered… Unless you Google it!


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