The Advertiser: Introducing Matt Tarrant

ORIGINALLY Matt went to Brighton Secondary School, but admits he was rarely focused on his studies. “I used to sing at weddings,” he says. “Then my voice broke and I had no idea what to do with it.”

MAGIC CALLS Matt first fell in love with magic when he saw Rudy Coby at the Adelaide Fringe in the early ’90s. “He was this uber-cool magician who had an international TV special The World’s Coolest Magician. After that moment I just loved magic.”

STAGE AGE Eight years ago, when Matt saw a local magician performing simple routines, it changed his life. “I started learning magic (from him) soon after, developed some amazing friendships with big names in international magic and it just grew from there… a year later I had an Adelaide Fringe show and I haven’t looked back since.”

CHICK FLICK The first trick he mastered was tying his shoelaces without touching them. “Girls dug it!”

HEY PRESTO! Since then the cheeky chap has met and performed for some of magic’s biggest names, has sold out tours and left his job working at a bank to pursue a career in magic.

DOUBLE TROUBLE In 2012, the trickster joined forces with performer Vinh Giang. “The smarter, nicer, richer, better-looking and slightly more Asian version of me,” Matt says. “Vinh is one of those people who you can spend five minutes talking to and you’re just mesmerised by him. Our stage presence is totally ying and yang; I’m the casual and ridiculous one and he is the intelligent storyteller, but it mixes together incredibly well.”

ABRACADABRA The pair won the Best of the Adelaide Fringe People’s Choice Award in 2012 and 2013, and insist this year’s show Deception is a doozy. “Every night, we perform some of the world’s best magic routines but are completely honest with our dishonesty and don’t pretend to have superpowers or psychic abilities. It is jam-packed full of magic, mentalism and audience involvement.”

DOWN TO EARTH When he’s not pulling rabbits out of hats Matt can be found watching Port Adelaide football matches and keeping it real. “I’ve been lucky to always have the support from my family and friends. My mum, Cathy, has always been behind me whenever I needed her and as a single mum she deserves every single accolade she gets.”

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