The Spike Trick | Russian Roulette

Project Description

As part of our 2014 Adelaide Fringe Show; Deception, I performed one of the most dangerous magic tricks performed today; The Spike Trick.

The Spike Trick (or Russian Roulette) is a routine which has been performed for hundreds of years by many different magicians and in many different styles successfully, but there has also been many failed performances of this routine in the past.

Our show Deception went on to win the Bank SA Talk Fringe Award for the Peoples Choice Act at the Adelaide Fringe (for the third year in the row!) and it is something I am very proud of.

This is a full routine from our show Deception, filmed 16th March 2014.

Special thanks go to Vinh Giang, Beau Cremer, Jon Allen, Justin Flom and Keith Barry.

Project Details