Review – GlamAdelaide (Deception)

The clue to the show is in the name and I’ve never been so deceived by such an honest-seeming, down-to-earth, personable couple of good blokes.

If charm were under review, I would summarise by saying that Matt Tarrant and Vinh Giang have it in spades. From poignant tales of ancestry to their humorous digs at each other, the duo are a perfect stage match, and their passion for their craft alone, makes this a show worth supporting. The time taken to perfect their trade is not something many of us can comprehend and I enjoyed this insight into their journeys.

But the topic du jour is magic. The eager crowd were all there to be deceived, which is perhaps why, surprisingly, people did not clamber to get on stage to be part of the act of being punked. However, with the help of a magic cat (who had to have some time-out in the lighting grid), and the gentle encouragement of our magicians, the show ran smoothly with gasps, puzzled faces, and even a few tears (intended).

Some magic tricks I had seen before, were well executed, and it was clever to not pass them off as their own, or unique, but weave them into the story of how the pair came to love all things magic.

I like being delivered what I am promised and this show “designed to explore the hidden secrets of the human mind” does exactly what it says on the tin. If you like your sleight of hand with a twist of fate, support this (anything-but-parochial) local act.

Giang and Tarrant presented their magician heroes of the past and following in those footsteps will require big shoes. It is inevitable however that their stars will continue to rise; their future is assured with such a profound understanding of history. I eagerly await next year’s show.

The “big” tricks (worthy of a better facilitated international stage), were quite literally, jaw dropping. Vinh was correct when he predicted it would keep me up late wondering one thing: “How did they do that?”

The answer, like many things we consider complicated is, of course, simple: it’s magic.

Words: Gordon Forester
Link: Here