Review – Broadway World (Deception)

Deception is both a wonderful magic show and a hilarious cabaret about Vinh Giang’s and Matt Tarrant’s journeys to become magicians. These young illusionists have honed their craft well and perform their various forms of magic with ease and proficiency. What causes them to stand out from their contemporaries, however, is their interaction with the audience and the theatrical nature of the show.

Giang and Tarrant take the audience on a journey to discover the joys and pitfalls of magic, just as they did. This journey includes Giang’s traditional Asian parents reaction to him quitting his almost completed accounting degree to pursue a career in magic, his heart-warming story of the loss of his grandfather, a re-enactment of the first magic trick that Tarrant ever saw, Tarrant’s spike trick, where he shows you everything that could go wrong before he performs it, some marvellous sleight of hand/mouth tricks, and an occasional sexual twist.

This show is hilarious, gut wrenching, heart-warming, mesmerizing, and just downright amazing. It also features a large amount of audience participation, and it is this element of the show in which both magicians thrive, albeit in different ways to each other.

If you like magic, a good laugh, or being put on the edge of your seat, you should see this show. It is the perfect blend of magic, comedy and cabaret.

Words by: Barry Lenny
Link: Here