My Final Deceit

Tonight is my final ever performance of Deception.
Five years ago Vinh Giang and myself met for the very first time for a coffee – and that same night we started working together on our very first show; 3.
We started in a venue with a capacity of 120 across seven nights thanks to a new Fringe Venue, Gluttony (and Daniel Michael & Elena Kirschbaum). We sold out each of those seven nights, and were offered an additional week of shows – which we too sold out. The show was also awarded an Adelaide Fringe Award.
The following year Vinh and myself decided to continue as a duo show and created Deception.
Our venue doubled in size, as did the amount of shows – but it didn’t stop us selling out every single performance; and another Fringe Award.
Deception: More Deceit was then created as a follow up and again the venue increased to a capacity of 350. By then, the word had got out and the show was another success – which gave me my first national and international TV spot – thanks to the Fringe. Again, we won another Award.
Last year Vinh earned an amazing opportunity to travel with his passion and take on the world, which opened up the opportunity for Matt Tae Brandwood to join the Deception team – and seeing him develop into a confident, strong and talented stage performer over the past two weeks has honestly given me the strongest sense of accomplishment yet.
Deception: The Final Deceit has again been a huge success with sold out shows, fantastic reviews but most of all – we are bringing a little magic into the lives of our audiences.
None of this could have been possible without every single one of you and I am forever grateful for everyone who has supported this crazy dream.
I especially would love to thank Vinh Quang Giang, Pei Wen and their families and friends, Matt Brandwood, Beau Cremer, Jeff Wong, Craig Thomson, Simon Collins, Jeff Smith, Emma Altschwager, Sarah Abbott, Daniel Michael, Elena Kirschbaum, Isaac Lomman, Pierre Andre Goosen, David Tang, Brecon & Craig, Shahin Zareei, Kyle Marlett, The Entire Adelaide Fringe Team, Our entire Stage/Lighting/FOH/Audio teams, Mum, Dad, Luke, TessDawg, Svengali, Chester and finally, Kiera Blackwood – none of this couldn’t have happened without your support, love and hugs.
I cannot wait to begin the next journey with my solo show Honestly Dishonest.
Much love,
Matt x