Adelaide Fringe Best Magic Shows 2018

The MUST SEE (BEST) MAGIC at Adelaide Fringe 2018

It's that time of the year again, Adelaide is currently going off with the biggest ADELAIDE FRINGE lineup yet - and this year there are more Magic acts than ever before. Below is a list of the Best Magic of the Festival in 2018!

With over 1100 acts across the month it can be (and is) overwhelming - but I am here to try and help!

Below are just a few of my TOP Acts to see at the Adelaide Fringe for MAGIC in 2018! (There are many more - but only so much time!)

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The Last Week of the Adelaide Fringe - MUST SEE ACTS

It's been the biggest Adelaide Fringe EVER - with more acts, more tickets and an insane amount of quality.

With just ONE WEEK left of the Fringe, here are the acts you MUST SEE if you haven't.

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Adelaide Fringe

Adelaide Fringe MUST SEE Acts - The Final 5 Days

Every year the Fringe seems to go quicker than ever, despite going over more days than ever before.

This year again has been highly successful for my show Deception: More Deceit but my favourite thing about the Fringe is the ability to explore other performances and really experience something new.

With only five days to go it's tough to decide on what to see, here are the five acts I strongly recommend as must see shows before the Fringe is over!

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Adelaide Fringe Best Shows 2015

The Must See Acts of the Adelaide Fringe 2015

The Adelaide Fringe returns in 2015 a little under three months. Just let that sink in a little.

As an artist, producer and writer of an award winning show for the past three years at the Adelaide Fringe I like to think I have a pretty good idea of what makes a good show, and what doesn't. It's tough to see too many shows when you perform every night - so I make sure the shows I choose are the very best.

Below is a selection of the shows I strongly recommend for the Adelaide Fringe in 2015 as the "Best Acts of the Adelaide Fringe" though the best thing about the Fringe is finding new acts for yourself - there are hundreds of hidden gems out there so go and explore!

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